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Most of the students who select B group in 12th science wants to become MBBS doctor in their life. However, due to high competition and very few seats available in India, many students do no manage to get admissions in government seats for MBBS. As from 13 lakh Neet application student, only 77,298 seats are available in all India for MBBS. Thus if a student does not clear the exam they only have 4 options

  1. Forgot the dream of becoming MBBS and take admission in other field (BDS, BSc)
  2. Admission in MQ seats with high fees of (10-15) lakh per year
  3. 1year Drop of NEET
  4. Go for foreign admission

Among all, the best options is to go for foreign education instead changing your dream or taking a risk of 1 year gap.

For foreign education among all 15 countries where Indian students go for MBBS, Russia is on the top priority for the following reasons.

  • Entrance test like IELTS, TOEFL not required.
  • No Donation is required
  • MCI & WHO both are recognized Russia for MBBS.
  • Low Cost of Living in Russia.
  • All the universities are affiliated with the Government of Russia.
  • The students can practice in India after applying the MCI Screening Test.
  • Availability of regional food, sports facilities, academics for foreign students.
  • In Russia’s university or college taught MBBS in English.
  • The Russian Universities are known for well-developed medical faculty, advanced labs, and practical teaching techniques.
  • Due to affiliation with world universities, international exposure is provided to medical students.
  • Russian universities have dignified faculty members including doctors of science, research analyst, scientists etc.
  • Admissions to Russian Medical Universities are simple and convenient.

What things need to consider while selecting good university

University should be approved by MCI (Medical counseling of India).

  • Don’t select university according to its city, instead look for better infrastructure and quality facility.
  • If university is officially registered or not?
  • Reference and opinion of current students of the university.
  • Universities are private or Government?
  • International collaborations of the university
  • Accommodation facilities are available or not?
  • Average fees for the whole study period.
  • Safety for international student, especially for girls.

Decision to moving another country provides a unique opportunity to explore new culture, new way of life. However, it is also very important to learn everything about the local place to get overall satisfying experience while your study.

Below you will find all the necessary information about accommodation, and other essential information about living in Russia as an international student.


Universities in Russia offer accommodation to all foreign students with full-time education. Cost of accommodation is 175-300 $ per year; the price depends on comfort level in a specific university residence hall. Fees can be paid monthly, every term or once a year according to specific university internal regulations.

If you do not want to live in a university residence hall, you can rent a room or an apartment, which will cost you about 10 000 Rubles (approximately $150) for a room in a shared apartment and 25 000 – 35 000 rubles (approximately $370 – $520) for apartment in big cities. It will be much cheaper in non-metropolitan areas.


Russian national currency is Russian ruble (RUR). Approximate exchange rates for the beginning of 2019 are:

  • 1 USD – 66,86 rubles
  • 1 INR – 1.07 rubles

All payments in Russia are accepted only in Ruble. You can exchange currency in any bank, but note that international credit cards are accepted anywhere. To receive a money transfer you can use your credit card or Western Union


If you choose accommodation in a residence hall on campus, you’ll live near the university. If you’ll live far from University you should buy student travel card for using public transport.

Considering student discount your expenses to travel by metro in Moscow will be 395 rubles per month and to travel by surface transport – 260 rubles per month. Total sum is only 655 rubles (approximately $10). Have in mind that in other cities cost of travel will be even lower.

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