Are you going to apply for a VISA to find a job in a different country? Do you seek admission to a foreign university? When you are moving to a nation of native English speakers, you need to check out your English language skills. Thus, it is the best time to appear for the PTE test. International students and professionals who are not native English speakers can choose this test for their future careers.

However, without the right level of preparation, you may not secure a high score in your PTE test. We have a reputed institute for PTE coaching classes in Surat.

PTE Training




PTE is a 3-hour computer-based English language skill assessment test. This test checks out your communicative ability- English Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing. The questions for this test include everything to analyse your vocabulary, grammatical skill, spelling, and pronunciation.

There is an automated scoring system for the PTE test, and the candidates have to obtain a score, ranging from 10 to 90. This 10-90 scale of the Pearson Test of English Academic is acceptable globally. Thus, your score will be valid for your immigration to a different nation for any reason.

You can now register with us to attend classes for PTE coaching in Surat. We will tell you about the details, including the PTE exam fees.

PTE Academic and PTE General Test

We will help you in choosing the right option between PTE Academic and PTE General Test.

PTE General is for assessing your capability of communicating in English. However, while you appear for the test for immigrating to different countries, this PTE General is not for you. You need to choose the PTE Academic Test for this purpose. As it is the PTE Academic test, most of the universities accept the score of the candidates. While there is no age limit for PTE General Test, you have to be at least 18 years for PTE Academic Test. We have also found differences in the test formats of PTE General and Academic tests. PTE General Test includes two sections for checking your English speaking and writing skills. However, for PTE Academic Test, you have to prove four skills, including listening and reading.

Our coaching session will also prepare you for another assessment test- PTE Young Learners. This test is for students with an age range between 6 and 13 years.

PTE test - Is there any limit to its validity?

In terms of validity, you can find a difference between PTE Academic and PTE General. The certificate obtained from the PTE General Test has no expiration date. However, scores from the PTE Academic Test remain valid for 2 years.

Our professionals for PTE coaching in Surat will give you the best tips to secure a high score in your PTE test. We will you to understand the scoring structure of every paper and time limits available for every test. You will learn how to attempt MCQ questions and maintain fluency in English writings. With time management skills and concentration, you can perform best in your tests. Our mock tests, study materials and instructions will prepare you easily for the tests. Thus, you can choose our PTE coaching in Surat and appear for the test confidently.

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Speaking and writing test

PTE test includes an assessment of your English speaking and writing skills. For this test, you need to introduce yourself, read passages aloud, describe an image, repeat a sentence, and answer short questions. Moreover, you have to write an essay and précis.

Reading test

which includes MCQ questions, and paragraph re-arrangement. Time allotted for this test is about 30 to 40 minutes.

Listening test

For this test, you have to know the way of writing properly from dictation. You may also need to find the missing word and incorrect words.

PTE test- Minimum marks and pass marks

You cannot find any rule related to the pass mark for candidates of PTE test. However, based on your purpose, you may need to secure minimum marks. For instance, to get admission for MBA course in any of the UK universities, your minimum PTE score has to range between 59 and 69. Similarly, for an undergraduate course in the United Kingdom, your minimum score is between 51 and 61.

Be ready for the British Council’s PTE test

PTE coaching in Surat has certified instructors to prepare you for the test. Our training programmes include vocabulary and grammar courses. Moreover, we will give you tips and send you feedback on your performance. Our package also comprises mock tests and lecture videos to help you in learning lots of things. PTE test is the best option for students and professionals going to a foreign country for a career. You will get the results of the test within 5 days.