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Why Choose Canada

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Canada is considered as one of the most known country for providing quality of education in field on IT, management and Medical fields.


Canada has one of the most affordable fees structure as well as is considered as the most preferred country for international student.


Canada offers specially designed 1 or 2 year diploma and post graduate diploma that are specially designed for practical study and leads to a good job opportunity.


Also Canada offers student part time work permit of 20 hours per week as well as up to 3 year of post study work permit.


Canada offers one of the easiest route to Permanent residency that is why most of the students prefer Canada as their first choice to study abroad.


When a student receives a degree from a Canadian university, it acts as a mark of trust and excellence.

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Post Study

Part time job opportunity

International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week to work part time during their study.If you are willing to do practically anything, it is quite easy to get part-time work in the canada.The minimum wage is about 5 pounds per hour, which you will receive, but most jobs pay you more than that.

Post study work permit

As an international student once you complete your study you will get 2 year of post study work permit.The canada post-study work visa allows international students to stay back in the canada to search for work for a period of 2 years after completing their graduate studies. The new visa rules will come into effect from September/autumn 2020 or later.

Visa Category

You can trust us to blend our experience and expertise with your application situation to make sure that you obtain your visa without a hitch.

SDS category

Requires minimum 6 bands in each modules in IELTS + 1 year of Tuition fees needs to be paid. Visa decision time period – 45-60days average.The Documentation process has been reduced due to the SDS program.

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None SDS category

Those with 5.5 bands in one or two module in IELTS can apply under None SDS stream with 1semester fees paid. This requires extra funds to be shown in the visa application. The average time of duration for decision is 60- 90 Days.

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