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4 Best Scholarships For Students To Study Outside India

When you are a student in India, there are many dreams that you want to pursue. One such goal for the Indian students is going to a foreign nation for their studies. But, in most cases, we see instances that they can not afford the fees and expenditure for studying there. These types of financial constraints become a barrier for the students and their families.

As a consequence, those students go through a rough phase, and they also lose the opportunity. The fact of not being able to go there to study makes them hopeless. To tackles this issue, there are many national and international bodies who try their best to help these students financially.

These organizations try to minimize the problems faced by these talented students. Hence, here in this piece of writing, we are going to share the information about some of the best scholarships available for Indian students.


Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships

This fellowship is mainly for the students who want to go abroad for their postgraduates. With the help of this scholarship, any Indian students can pursue their masters or the research work in any united states of America institutions. But, there are some criteria for this opportunity. Those conditions are as follows:

1.      The person who is applying for the scholarship must complete his undergraduate education.

2.    He or she must also have at least three years of working experience.

These criteria are strict, and the candidate should have the above two conditions fulfilled. There are many benefits for the students in this fellowship. The scholarship covers many expenses, including tuition fees of the institution, the lodging fees, and the fees related to the textbooks, etc.

Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships

Offered by Newcastle University, this scholarship is applicable for studying in the United Kingdom. The ones who have got the opportunity to learn at Newcastle University can only apply for this. This scholarship also encourages a lot of international students, and hence, it is an excellent opportunity for Indian students for studies abroad in the UK. The criteria for the scholarship is a straightforward one. It is as follows:

1.      The candidate must possess an offer from the university to study there.

The scholarship has a specific number of seats allocated to it. Therefore, the selection happens based on the candidate profile and it’s diversity. In February every year, the institution accepts the admission for the students who are interested in studying at Newcastle University.

Tata Scholarship

This scholarship is also applicable for the Indian Students. But, like the Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships, this one is only for the Cornell university, united states of America. The Tata group mainly funds for this scholarship. This scholarship is not for post-graduation education.

It only supports the students who are willing to study at Cornell University for their undergraduate education. The admission to the university also happens with this scholarship. They help the student with this program in a need-based manner.

The scholarship covers all the tuition fees for the eight semesters. But, for the time more than that, the candidate will have to bear that cost. All other expenses like Fooding, lodging, medical are also there in the scholarship. Hence, it gives all-around help for the student. The scholarship supports 20 Indian students.

If you are also interested in this scholarship, then the application of the scholarship starts in October and November. But for that, the applicant should have completed his or her school education in a full-time manner. The declaration of the results happens in the month of December each year.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students :

This scholarship is very famous for the students who are willing to study in Europe. The scholarship is available for the countries that belong to the European Union. The educational institutions under the approval of the Erasmus Mundus Action Joint Programme have the opportunity to admit students with the help of this scholarship.

The criteria are different for all the institutions. But, the student must attend one of the Joint Programs at the postgraduate level in the Erasmus Mundus scheme so that he or she can avail of this opportunity.

This scholarship covers all the essential expenses. Hence, the student does not have to worry about his or her education. It also provides travel costs, living costs, insurance costs for the protection of the students.

If a student is there who is willing to apply for this scholarship, then the possibilities are very high. There are more than 40 courses cumulatively available for the master’s studies and doctoral level researches. From the month of December to January, the registrations remain open for international students. The good part of this scholarship is that there is no fixed number of seats.

If you are someone who fulfils all the requirements of the above ones, then you should always make an effort by applying to one of those programs.

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