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Pro Tips to Score 7+ Bands in IELTS Writing

The level of writing IELTS academic writing seeks is equivalent to that of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Thus, the excerpts used are taken from company handbooks, magazines, notices, research, and guidelines, and the test time frame is 60 minutes.

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Format of Writing Test of IELTS - Academic

The segment is divided into 2 Tasks. 

●     Task 1: Graphical representations, charts, tables, or diagrams are presented, and questions are asked from the given data. In addition, you can also be asked to compare the data. 

●     Task 2: You need to write an essay on a particular topic with our point of view, argument, etc. 

The topics are easily understandable, as expected from an undergraduate or postgraduate candidate. 

Format of Writing Test of IELTS - General Training 

This training is done in two formats, and the topics are of general interest. 

●     Task 1: A situation is given, and you are asked to write a letter seeking information or explaining the situation to someone. The style of the letter can vary from a personal letter, formal letter, or semi-formal letter. In other words, a report of around 170 words has to be written in this segment. 

●     Task 2: You have to write an essay on different matters in around 270 words. The tone can be less formal, and some personal opinions can be included. 

The essay questions might be in different parts, so you must write it per the provided parts. For example:

●     When the question asks, "do you agree or disagree," there is only one part. Here agree or disagree and give the reason in only one paragraph. 

●     When the question asks, "discuss both the parts", two paragraphs are required; one is devoted to one argument, and the second should be devoted to the other. 

●     When the question asks, "discuss both arguments with your opinion," you need to write three paragraphs accordingly. 

An overall time of 60 minutes is allotted for this segment. Therefore, you must dedicate 20-25 minutes to Task 1 and 35-40 minutes to Task 2. 

Important Instructions 

You must keep the following things in mind.

Task response - here, you should take care of word count, follow the topic of instructions, and stick to the topic.

Coherence and cohesion - this looks after the structure and flow of the essay. Here, logical ideas and sequencing of the information are tested, besides checking whether the paragraphing is sufficient and appropriate. 

Lexical response - here, the focus is on the wide range of vocabulary, how flexibly you can convey the precise meaning, and how skillfully you can use the linguistic tools and avoid inaccuracies. Thus, errors should be avoided strictly.  

Grammatical Range and accuracy - here, the test checks how attractive you can make a sentence and whether the tenses and spellings are correctly used.

Tips for IELTS Writing Test

●     Make the expression of the essay attractive, as the examiner will focus more on that. However, the answer does not need to be correct. 

●     Analyze whether you can fit everything in your answer or not. 

●     Exceed the word limit if necessary; however, never write lesser words. 

●     Do not copy the language from anywhere. 

●     Write the essay in full; do not use bullets in it. 

●     Do not complicate the answer. Make an effective answer rather than a technical one. 

●     In Academic Writing Task 1, compare the relevant data from the given diagram, table, or graph. In task 2, always structure the essay in your mind beforehand. In addition, it is advisable to put real-life examples. 

●     Provide an appropriate conclusion at the end of each essay. 

●     Be careful about the singular and plural nouns. For that, double-check your answers. 

●     Use British and Australian English for spellings.


Following all the points mentioned above, you can excel in the IELTS writing task with a band score of 7 and above. But the requirement of regular practice is there.

You should remember all the points, practice, and appear for mock tests because this will significantly affect your college choice. So, if you want to prepare most effectively, Red and White Multimedia education can provide the proper guidance to write IELTS essays correctly.

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