Rishi Sunak has Recently Given the Green Signal to 3000 UK Skill Work Visas to Young Indians

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Rishi Sunak has Recently Given the Green Signal to 3000 UK Skill Work Visas to Young Indians

Rishi Sunak has Recently Given the Green Signal to 3000 UK Skill Work Visas to Young Indians

Since his rise to power, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been in the limelight. He was again in the news for confirming the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme. As per this scheme, 3000 places will be made available for young Indian professionals ( 18- to 30-year-olds with a valid educational degree) to go to the UK to work and live there for up to 2 years. 

Taking advantage of the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme

If you fall within the prescribed age category of this scheme, this may be your golden chance. Ensure that you are ready to take advantage of this scheme by being up to date with your educational qualifications. Let us look at some courses you can opt for that can strengthen your credibility. Most universities offer courses online, so location is no longer a barrier. 

Digital Media

The world is going digital, and the UK is no exception. Brands have to move to digital or die out. They can no longer sustain the age-old traditional means of advertising. So a digital presence is a must. The digital world is changing so rapidly that it is essential to stay abreast. A good multimedia course will help you ahead in this competitive world. For example, you could check out GIM (Graduate in Multimedia) degree course. It covers many topics and can expose you to the various realms of the digital world. As an add-on, you could also opt for a short-term digital marketing course from Red & White Multimedia Education. 


Animation movies never go out of the league. So if you are passionate about animation and graphics, consider the Animation & VFX course. This can broaden your horizons while looking for a job in the UK. 

Back-end development

With everyone moving digital, the front end (website, ads, social media posts) is just one part. The back end (hosting the website, collecting the data, and making the website and social media sites function correctly) is also a popular field to consider specialising in. Red & White Multimedia Educations full-stack development course will expose you to programming, browser management, server, database management and more. 


Another trendy field is growing by leaps and bounds. Not just kids, people of every age love playing games online/on-their devices, and this craze is not going anywhere soon. Making a career in the gaming arena can be both -fun as well as rewarding. If you want to design the look and feel of a game, you should opt for a Game Design course. If you are keen on developing and giving life to the game, sign up for the Game Development course. Both of them will offer you multiple placement options in the UK. 

App Development

Almost every brand has an app today. The more the number of apps, the more jobs are available for experts to create these apps. If you are looking forward to establishing your career in the app creation field, you should level up your skills with an Android Development course. Want to make your resume stronger? Level up with the iOS Development course offered by Red & White Multimedia Education. Most apps have two versions – Android and iOS. Knowing these operating systems will significantly increase your chances of getting an app development job in the UK

Employment Opportunities Under The UK-India Young Professionals Scheme 

The United Kingdom is a preferred location for Indians to work. High-quality education and university funding are two of the reasons. Other considerations include industrial linkage, global ranking success, and lucrative career opportunities. The number of job opportunities in the UK for Indian students is gradually increasing. And with the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, more jobs will be made available by this free trade deal. Jobs in the UK for Indians offer a pleasant working environment and a higher standard of living. As a result, the country is ideal for pursuing any profession.  

Digital transformation is causing huge changes in the UK workforce and a shortage of working professionals. Managers, technology specialists, and health professionals are in high demand. Under the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, getting a job in the UK in any desired field, especially in tech, will be made easier. 

How Will This Scheme Help Indian Youth Go To The UK For Studies Or For Work?

Getting a work visa in the UK is difficult and requires a lot of paperwork. But the main requirement is having a job offer meeting minimum salary and skill requirements from a licensed sponsor. A major barrier to getting a work visa is not having a proper job offer. With the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, it is possible to get a visa without having a job letter in hand. 

Another barrier that Indians face to getting their visa is not having a sponsor. A sponsor covers your expenses to ensure you have enough money to live abroad. With this scheme, the need for a sponsor is not needed to work in the UK. 

Many Indian students wish to work to pay for their college expenses in the UK. A student visa does not allow you to work on a permanent contract. You cant be self-employed or set up a business and only work on a temporary basis on a student visa in the UK. However, you are allowed to study in the UK on a work visa. This scheme will make studying and working in the UK possible. 

Under the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, you will be able to live, study and work in the UK for 2 years. That means with or without a job in hand, you can apply and search for jobs as well as upskill yourself in a decent timeframe. 

India is investment in the United Kingdom directly supports 95,000 jobs throughout the country. This scheme is a reciprocal scheme to boost job opportunities in both countries. Making this the perfect time to think about working in the UK. 


The UK market has opened up for jobs. The sky is your limit. If you are keen on making a career in the UK, the onus is yours to upskill yourself with relevant courses and be ready to take on the world. 


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